“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook

Brands are like plants that need various resources to grow into a tree, making its branches reach far and wide. We at Marasim provide your brand with proper growth resources through our various services so that your brand grows faster, and richer. Here are some growth hacks we provide

Making your brand a social media star

We understand the importance of social media in today’s digital world and so we take up the responsibility to manage all your social media channels. Keeping your brand’s social status up to date and engaging with your target audience with pin-point accuracy to deliver real-time results, leave it to us.

Reaching your potential customers through Email marketing

Email marketing has high reach and higher ROI, making it a great marketing tool for your brand growth. We conceptualize crisp and personalized emails that goes right into your audience’s inbox. Thereby, helping to generate qualified leads for your business.

Advertising through Google Display network

We create expert GDN campaigns for your brand that reach every potential customer. Our cost-effective strategic campaigns ensure high website traffic and higher conversion rates.

Pinging your potential audience with SMS marketing.

Phones are everywhere and SMS marketing is more relevant than ever. We at Marasim help your brand reach every phone through personalized SMS notifications.

Making your website rank top on search engines through SEO

Having a beautiful user-friendly website is only half the success. It also needs to be visible in search results so that potential customers can reach you easily. With our SEO expertise, we make sure your website always gets top search ranking on all major search engines.

Managing your Online reputation

The Internet is the first stop for everything. And your reputation online can make or break your brand, We manage your ORM by taking control of all online conversations that represent you. Be it reviews, comments or contents, we manage everything for you to make sure that your brand’s image always stays posh.

Developing and designing an awesome website

Your website reflects the personality of your brand. That’s why we put a lot of effort to make your website feel like a red carpet for your customers that straight away takes them to the destination you desire. We design websites that make your brand look striking while making sure that it is user-friendly and responsive.

Designing graphics for your brand

Digital posters, online banners or illustrations we can make it all for your brand. With our graphic designing team, we make your brand look festive all year round.


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